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Stefanie De La Paz

**Currently on Maternity Leave. Available to schedule appointments in June 2023.**


Positions: Level 6 Hairstylist* and Salon Leader


Specializes in: women's hair cutting, blonding, & hair extensions


Hi, I’m Stefanie. I’m the founder and co owner of Salon De La Paz. I have over 10 years of experience doing hair and also studied business at Snow College and Utah Valley University. 

I chose to open a salon in 2018 because I really wanted to help other passionate stylists to become successful in the beauty industry. I feel like I still have a long way to go and a lot of dreams that I want to accomplish but I am super proud of the salon and the team we have so far.

They inspire me and I love that everyone helps each other to become better. We have some extremely talented stylists and I am confident in their skills to help you achieve the look of your dreams. 


I wear a few other hats besides salon owner/stylist which include my two favorites, being Mommy to my sweet babes, Geo and Veda and wife to my best friend, Fernando. 

Confession: My life is a little crazy but I totally thrive when I have a lot going on. I love to stay busy and push myself to see how much I can accomplish. But everyone needs some down time to relieve stress and my favorite ways of doing that are drawing, reading and hiking.

If you could use a little down time yourself, go ahead and schedule your appointment with me or one of the amazing stylists who I work with. You won't regret it!

See more of my life as a salon owner on instagram: @stefanie.delapaz

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