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Kennedy Severa

Position: Level 3 Hairstylist* and Social Media Specialist


Hello! My name is Kennedy!
I have been a hair stylist since November 2021 and I am so excited to be apart of the Salon De La Paz family!
Hair has always been something I enjoy doing along with making people feel good about themselves. So being a stylist has been the perfect fit for me. My ultimate goal is to brighten someone’s day and help them feel more confident about themselves. I feel so blessed that I get the opportunity to do that everyday with the best group of girls!
When I’m not at work you can usually find me at the nearest soda shop… I was born and raised in Idaho and just recently moved to Utah and I can safely say I’m taking on the “basic utah girl” role pretty well! I love my Diet Pepsi with cream just as much as I love my job!
Some fun facts about me are i can’t stand most vegetables. Especially cooked broccoli….that is probably the worst smelling and tasting food on earth. I have two piercings on each ear and I haven’t changed the second earring out for over two years (I have no clue why either) My absolute favorite season is fall. It has the best weather, the trees turn the prettiest colors, and all the feel good candle smells come back. It makes me so happy when that time of the year come around:)


See more of my work on instagram: @simplyhair.kennedy

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