Dealing with Dry Hair

Breanna's 6 tips for dealing with dry hair
Read below as our stylist, Breanna Perkins, shares six of her favorite tips for dry hair!
If you’ve been feeling like your hair is dry, you’re not alone! During the cold winter months, hair tends to become dry, especially in our desert climate here in Utah. Your hair is experiencing its natural ebb and flow, but it is possible to put moisture back into your hair. And lucky for you, you have options! Some of these options are treatments you can have done at the salon, and some you can do at home, (which is always a plus) but I want to emphasize that you do need good quality products! Are you ready to see what you can do for you hair?
1. Use a leave in conditioner 
2. Come in for a deep condition
3. Use a dry conditioner or shine spray between washes
4. Use an oil on your ends
5. Get a humidifier 
6. Use more of your product
Let’s talk about each of these individually shall we?
1. Use a leave in conditioner. Leave in conditioner is very similar to conditioner, but you don’t rinse it out. You will still use your normal conditioner while you’re in the shower, and add a leave in conditioner to your routine before you blow dry. This product helps keep moisture in your hair from wash to wash and keeps those ends feeling less dry! I recommend using it on the middle and ends of your hair, as putting it in your roots can make you feel oily faster. Some salon favorites are the Mizani Miracle Milk, Aiir Professional Sapphire Leave In Conditioner, and the Thirsty Girl Leave In Conditioner from IGK.
2. Come into the salon for a deep conditioning treatment. A deep conditioning treatment is where I’ve seen the most dramatic results and that is why we love adding them to your service when you come in to the salon! The product we use for this is designed to get into your hair and repair it from the inside out. We put this on instead of conditioner, then put you under a heater to open your hair up so it will drink it in. Sit for 10 minutes and you’re good to rinse and go! Our salon has several different options and your stylist can help you determine which is right for you. Ask to add on a Deep Conditioning Treatment at your next appointment!
3. Use a dry conditioner or shine spray between washes. I know we’ve almost all heard about dry shampoo, but did you know there is such thing as a dry conditioner? If you’re like me and go a long time between washes, you can slowly feel your hair getting drier by the day. When you use your dry shampoo, try adding a dry conditioner or shine spray in your ends as well! We love the Shine Spray from Aiir Professional.
4. Use an oil on your ends. Sometimes you just need more moisture, and oil will do that for you! I use both a leave in conditioner and an oil in my ends before I blow dry and I don’t think I’ll ever go back because my hair needs it! Everyone’s hair is different so not everybody needs both, but if you’re struggling with dryness it is worth a shot. You also could try one or the other or switching back and forth between them!
5. Get a humidifier. This is something that I just recently did, and I’m loving all of the benefits. One of them is putting moisture into your hair by putting moisture in the air. If you’re in a dry place this is something you’re really lacking and it could really help!
6. Using more of your moisturizing products can make a huge difference. Every season brings different changes in the environment and an extra pump or two of product could be just what you hair needs.
I hope these 6 tips help you on your journey to your dream hair! Know that your stylist can help you in this area and help determine which of these is going to be best for you right now. Our goal is to give you the very best hair always!

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