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Brooke Taylor

Position: Level 3 hairstylist* and Inventory Manager


Hey there!! My name is Brooke Taylor! I am a hairstylist at Salon De La Paz, and it seriously is the best. I get to learn and improve my skills everyday, and make new friends/relationships while doing it!

Some fun facts about me:

  • Something I can’t live without is my husband! I just recently got married and it has seriously been the best!! You can’t beat living with your best friend.

  • My favorite place to travel to is Hawaii, I absolutely love swimming in the ocean and being in the sun!

  • My favorite service to do for my clients are lived in colors and blonding services!

I’m so grateful I get to work at Salon De La Paz. This is such an amazing place and a great salon environment as well! I couldn’t have asked for a better salon to start at in this industry. Come book with me, I would love to do your hair!!


See more of my work on instagram: @book__with__brooke

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