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Alyssa Taylor

Position: level 1 hair stylist


Hi my name is Alyssa!!
I’m a hairstylist at Salon De La Paz.

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved all things beauty. Whether it was painting my aunt’s toenails or playing with my mom’s hair. I’ve also loved helping people feel their best and if I can do that by changing their hair, even better.

I am cookie addict! If you see me with Crumbl you’ll know I’m happy. I love dancing in the rain, reading books, binge watching tv and listening to music! And smiley faces are my favorite things on this earth!:)

Must have accessory are bracelets 
Best advice don’t let the fear of bad what if’s keep you from the good what if’s!
Celebrity crush Harry Styles (specifically when he was 19) 


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See more of my work on instagram: @lyssa_doesmy_hair

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